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Oops, No TNR due to Covid

Sorry, folks, but we have to suspend Tuesday Night Rides until further notice, due to updated COVID regulations.

But, here's what we plan to do, someday:

Still itching to ride

But kicked out of our home

(I have to confide

I like riding our own)

But, take it in stride

It’s time that we roam

Find a ride we’ve not tried

I’ll turn every stone

I won’t be denied

I’ll go search the unknown…

Here’s some I spied:

Trails of the King Dome

Not the Burke ones you’ve tried

But much closer to home

They’ve offered a guide

And the trails have been blown

Can’t beat that find

Welcome, fun, and home grown

Matt Dolitsky and Christina Mattsson have offered to show us their trails. You may have seen them, off Good Living Dunne Wright. So let’s meet outside their dome at 1956 Rush Meadow Road in West Windsor at 5:45 on some future Tuesday - probably next spring.

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