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TNR Sweep


At the mountain

On the town forest side


And spoutin’

And then we’re gonna ride

A group rides up here

Another down there

Gonna try to ride most everywhere


And scoutin’

Preparing for the fest

Flick some sticks

Mark a fix

We gotta look our best

A bit of work

Won’t go berserk

The object’s having fun

But anything

The crew can do

Is gonna help a ton.

Meet at 5:45 at West Windsor Town Forest lot at 750 Coaching Lane. We'll break into small groups and fan out in all directions to cover much of the Ascutney Trails network. The object is to spot areas that need some loving before next weekend's Flow State MTB Festival. If you can fix it in a minute or two (drag a branch off the trail, etc.) please do, but take note of other problems and report when you get back. TIA for the help.

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