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The feet of two hikers wearing microspikes sitting on a rock at the summit during Spring


  • How can I learn about the off-mountain trails?
    ATA is a vast network that reaches beyond the usual trails you see on the map. By joining us on our weekly Tuesday Night Rides or other guided events throughout the summer, riders can experience all of our off-mountain trails!
  • Is Ascutney Trails the same as Ascutney Outdoors?
    Ascutney Outdoors (AO) is responsible (delegated by the Town of West Windsor) for the management, oversight, and development of recreational, educational, and community activities and conservation in the West Windsor Town Forest. AO and ATA work cooperatively to manage the mountain bike and recreational ‘Ascutney Trails’ network located within West Windsor Town Forest. We both have the same goal of bringing amazing outdoor opportunities to both our local and broader communities.
  • Why should I become a member through VMBA?
    VMBA helps us exist, plain and simple. They support us in numerous ways, including administrative aid, insurance, payroll services, and Statewide advocacy through representation with the state Forest, Parks and Recreation department. If you love being outdoors in Vermont and especially love riding, hiking, or back-country skiing on Ascutney, then we strongly encourage you to join. Read more about becoming a member here.
  • I’m a hiker, why are you asking me to join VMBA?"
    ATA manages and maintains both hiking and biking trails, so the funding that we receive as a result of your ATA membership through VMBA is spread amongst all of our projects in both these areas. All of our trails, including mountain bike trails, are open to both trail runners and hikers, so the more members we have, the more funding we have to enhance your hiking experience!
  • Why should I donate to ATA?
    Our trail network is open for all to use without daily fees. Donating a show of gratitude for each of your experiences on the mountain far outweighs any gym membership you sign up for, guaranteed! Like most non-profit organizations, we rely heavily on donations to sustain our volunteer-run organization. We have a paid part-time trail crew to keep the summer trails fresh and well-maintained, as well as help build out cool new routes for you to ride and hike. In addition to trail building, donations help offset general operating expenses and can be earmarked for a wide variety of other projects we have planned (skills park, around-the-mountain trail network, and more!). Donations may be made trailside via the black donation boxes at the AOC and Town Forest Trailheads. You can also donate via Paypal or write us a good old fashioned check and pop it in the mail!
  • Are E-Bikes allowed?
    Yes, but Class 1 E-bikes only (pedal-assist, with no throttle, and have a maximum assisted speed of 20 mph). In 2021 the Upper Valley Land Trust, West Windsor Conservation Commission and West Windsor Select board approved the use of Class 1 E-bikes across the entire Ascutney Trails network. It was previously limited to a restricted route from the AOC trail head while an assessment was made regarding the impact on trails and safety issues.
  • Can I bring my dogs out on the trails?
    We are proud to be a dog-friendly trail-system and your pets are more than welcome to run alongside you in your trail endeavors. We do ask that you practice responsible trail practice with your dog/s to help us all continue to enjoy the privilege. Keep your dog on a leash at all trailheads and parking areas. Be aware of the impact on others by having your dog on the trail. We want everyone to have a great trail experience. Always maintain control of your dog and keep it within sight. Do not allow it to chase or disturb other animals or wildlife. Bring along a poop bag, scoop your poop, and pack the bag out with you... Do not leave on the side of the trail. Read some extra thoughts about dogs on the trail.
  • Are horses allowed on the trails? What is the trail etiquette?
    Equestrians are invited to share a multi-use trail that extends approximately 3 miles from the Ascutney Outdoors Center (AOC) on Ski Tow Road to Kimball Farm Road (West of the WWTF). The multi-use trail is a dirt road and double-track with gravel and natural surfaces, and is shared with mountain bikers, runners and hikers. ​ If you come across horses on the trails (or roads), say "Hay!" Horses need to hear a voice when approached. Stop, call out and pass the horse and rider slowly when ready.
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