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Your membership to ATA offers many benefits to both us and you! 


If you love being outdoors in Vermont and especially love riding, hiking or back-country snowsports on Ascutney, then we strongly encourage you to join. 


By becoming a member of VMBA and choosing ATA/Ascutney Trails as your local chapter, we will receive a little more than half of your membership donation to support our efforts to maintain and build these trails you know and love. If you are already a member of another VMBA chapter but love spending time at Ascutney, for a nominal ‘Add-On’ fee (100% of which goes to the chapter) you can name us as an add-on chapter and show us a little membership love as well. Easy!  Included in your membership are lots of extra perks: bike park and ski area day passes along with discounts at many local shops, breweries, and restaurants!  You can’t go wrong by becoming a member!

Why VMBA you ask? VMBA helps us exist, plain and simple. They provide us support in numerous ways, including administrative aid, insurance, payroll services and Statewide advocacy through representation with the state Forest, Parks and Recreation department.

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