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Backcountry Update 2/26/22

No, we didn't get the 10 inches forecast. Report from Ascutney Outdoors:

"The 5” of fluffy powder is pretty but unfortunately not enough to cover the significant ice on the ski terrain. Therefore, no T-bar or Rope Tow this weekend. Like us, we’re sure you are disappointed but safety of our community and volunteers will always come first."

This applies to the area in white (grooming zone) on the map above. Most of the formerly groomed slope was glare ice or bare grass two days ago. Above here was a patchwork of frozen corn, exposed rocks and brush. If you know the terrain well, you may find some sweet stretches with the 5 or 6 inches of new. Otherwise, you risk putting your skis and your own safety in jeopardy.

As always, none of this area is patrolled, except the white zone when the T-bar is running. (Only the tubing lift will be open this weekend - see AO site for operating hours). Venture on at your own risk.

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