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Get Back on that Bike

You’ll ride TNR when you “get around to it?”

Used to do it, but outgrew it?

Not too into it, I intuit

A nitwit, but I get it

Not too stupid to see through it

You blew it, so you quit

Then you said “Screw it!”

You sit and you chew it

Brew it and stew it

That’s no way to get through it

Instead, don a new kit

Get back on the bike

Go out and pursue it

If the shoe fits, just do it

On trails truly fluid

At 298 Jewett

In Brownsville (you knew it)

And, you know you won’t rue it.

Then, stick around for a few brew with the crew, and enjoy the Grand View, too.

Mike Andersen will host a ride around Happy Canyon and Bible Hill on trails like Fenn Way and the like. Meet at 298 Jewett Rd., Brownsville at 5:45. We’ll divide into groups and go out on a no-drop ride at 6:00

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