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Joe’s Jungle TNR


It looks like the rain will end before our ride, but…

Seems like any hour is ripe for a shower

We may have sun later, but then, maybe now, or…

Possibly never — the weather is a bungle

But without any rain, you can’t have a jungle

And, we have a great jungle in West Windsor, Vermont

You can ride the trail through it with us if you want

Just grab your umbrella, rain shell and fungicide

And join us for TNR’s annual Jungle Ride

84 Parrish View Road

5:45 - park in Jake & Drea’s drive

Or on Parrish, near Blood Hill Rd.

(If no space by the time you arrive)

We'll divide ourselves into 2 or 3 groups

Depending on what sort of ride we will do

At six we'll head out for a couple of loops

Before dark we'll return for a brew, maybe two.

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