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New Norcross Trail is Open!

It's the announcement you’ve all the been waiting for!!! The Norcross Trail is officially open to foot and bike traffic, and we couldn’t be more excited (to say the least).

This new human-powered multi-use trail links approximately 8 miles between the Mt Ascutney State Park Campground entrance on Route 44A, and the Ascutney Outdoors Center trailhead in Brownsville. The concept originated in 2010, with the approval, design and building process bringing us to this years opening. Thank you to all those who helped make this trail come to life.

This trail offers something for everyone. For the hikers and trail runners, it connects the summit-bound Windsor Trail and Brownsville Trail, providing an alternate route to the only trailhead link in prior years: Route 44 and 44A. It also offers a less strenuous loop for those not wanting a full summit ascent. For the mountain bikers, once past the Swoops and Loops trail intersection, or leaving the West Windsor Town Forest from the West, it is a 4+ mile continuous trail.

Eminent trail builder Jim Lyall spent countless hours roaming the woods in Mt Ascutney State Park to design this iconic trail that takes hikers and bikers across stunning terrain.

Features include a stream crossing, scenic water cascades, granite slabs, abandoned ox paths, smooth switchback flows, bench cut traverses across steep slopes, technical climbs around granite boulders that escaped the quarry, 3 bridges, and more; all through a mix of ecosystems within hardwood and pine forests.

We're excited for you all to get out and enjoy!

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