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This Week: We talk to the town of Weathersfield. Hint, it's about trails!

We are excited to share with you a future trail network opportunity in the Weathersfield Town Forest. Located just across the street from the Swoops and Loops Trailhead, and easy access from the State Park. These guys just finished mowing and clearing a mile-long section of double track trail with uprooted and blown down trees just like the one behind them. Nice work! Thanks, guys and thank you to the Conservation Commission of Weathersfield. We are working with the Town of Weathersfield to become the trail stewards of their town forest and will keep you posted on our progress.

Store update - It turns out that we only offered one type of shipping option and it can be a tad expensive for a shirt or sticker purchase. So we added another USPS option and a 'store pickup' option! That's right, our version of store pick up, requires you to show up at 5:45 PM on a Tuesday, bike optional. We will have your order ready for you at the Tuesday Night Ride (TNR) if you choose the store pickup option. Also, we slashed sticker prices to more than 60% off our original price of $3, now only $.99!

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