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TNR from TF Trailhead

Hey! They Hayed Hayride

Hayed it.

Had to.

That's what it's for.

It's what ya gotta do.

Don't hate it.

Don't have to.

The trail is nearly hidden,

But still, it can be ridden.

Got the trail mower out,

and I knew without a doubt,

I can fix it

Take it slow,

Clip it close

Blades set low.

Mowed it.

Rode it.

You'll be doin' fine,

if you're stickin' to my line.


Don't do it.

Screw it!

Here's your chance to let it run

Riding freelance can be fun.

But, when grass begins to grow,

Random tracks disrupt the flow.

Let the mowing be your guide,

Without rhythm,

It’s no Hayride.

We will ride this Tuesday Night, the 21st, from the Town Forest Trailhead, 750 Coaching Lane, Brownsville. Meet at 5:45, set groups and decide routes to set out on at 6:00. Some may ride down the newly shorn Hayride on their loops. Accommodations are made for all levels of fitness and ability.

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