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Trails Closed 10/8 for Horse Event

Ascutney Trails will be closed to mountain bikes Saturday October 8 from 8am to 1:30pm for a horse event. The affected trailheads are AOC, Town Forest and Mountainside Drive. Swoops and Loops is unaffected. The Norcross Trail is open, but we ask that you stay away from the Ski Area and Town Forest Trails until after 1:30. Suggested ride: out-and-back from Swoops and Loops to the Norcross Quarry,

or join the ATA Trail Day 8:30 to noon, then bike at 1:30.

Some horses are very frightened by bikes and can react violently, putting all riders in danger of severe injury. If you ever encounter horses on the trail, please be very careful. STOP your bike. CALL OUT to the rider and ASK for further directions.

Here are the scheduled trail closings for this fall:

October 8 (8am to 1:30pm) - Horse Event

AOC, Town Forest, & Mtnside Drive trailheads closed to bikes

November 1st to Memorial Day

Swoops & Loops and Norcross closed to bikes

November 12 to December 12 - Deer Hunting (rifle)

ALL TRAILHEADS closed to bikes

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