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Tuesday New Ride

Time to leave home

Head out and roam

Go comb the hills

And unturn no stone

Looking for thrills

On fresh, unpacked loam

No need to go far

It’s not parts unknown

Just hop in your car

And open your phone

It’s not really that tough

Let me talk you through it

Gotta type in some stuff

Like “298 Jewett “

If that’s not enough

Then “West Windsor” should do it

“Arrived at destination”

Once these words have been heard

From the sage voice of Siri

You’ll be joining the herd

(Or you should be, in theory)

Now unpack your bike

And here’s what you’ll be doin’:

Good Living Dunne Wright

Fenn Way and the new one:

This Tuesday’s delight,

Built by Peter MacEwen

Same old, same old - 5:45 meeting on Tuesday 5/24. These trails are generally user friendly. If you bring a beverage and/or snack, we may be able to talk our host Mike Andersen into lighting the fire pit post-ride.

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