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Tuesday Not Rain

Like it, or not

It’s going to be hot

It may slow us down

But we’ll give it a shot

I can’t change the weather

Afraid I cannot

It is what it is

What we get’s

What we’ve got

But, no rain, with no thunder

As past rides have been fraught

So let’s ride some trails

That we all like a lot

The network at Spencers

Would sure hit the spot

1965 Hunt Road

(In case you forgot)

And after the ride

Once your breath has been caught

We’ll hang with our friends

Drink the beer that we brought

Tell tales of derring do,

Memories and what not

As for me,

After riding,

I don’t remember diddly squat

All are invited to join ATA's Tuesday Night (no-drop) Ride, meeting at Stan & Lynn Spencer's, 1965 Hunt Rd., Windsor at 5:45.

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