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What Happened to the Snow?

Updated: Feb 20, 2023

Free-flying flakes were found floating

They amassed a vast, wondrous white coating

That left enough fluff

To ski through the stuff

Fostering forays of fun (and foreboding)

Powder’s a blast

But we know it can’t last

Soon compacting



We love to live a life of delusion

But, impermanence is a foregone conclusion

Though we dealt with the melt

Powder fondness is heartfelt

It’s our lifeblood — We need a transfusion!


There’s no snow!

So, where did it go?

We’ll look on the mountain,

In the forest.

We were sent with the intent

Of finding which way it went

The evidence should be right here before us

As is its fate, the snow changes state

From gas to ice crystals to, now, water

Though no longer snow, it still puts on a show

Hear its whisper, its mumbles waft laughter

From babbling to thunderous rumbles

Watch it glisten, bubble, tumble

It identifies as “Waterfall” from here on after

Witness the swiftness with which it plants kisses

On rocks, sticks and roots — there’s not one that it misses

Maliciously pernicious, it viciously carves ditches

Also filling pools for our delicious fishes

Fluffy crystals are nice, but best stick with the liquid

'Cause water’s what this is, regardless of our wishes

Jim Lyall 2/2023

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1 commento

Dan Gottlieb
Dan Gottlieb
21 feb 2023

Jim, thanks for making lemonade from our winter lemons! Alas our wishes will come will true if the weather get through, leaving more than a slight bit of white.

Mi piace
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