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Wood Down in the Woods

There’s no longer a breeze,

Think I’ll walk in the trees

Not much else I can do today, anyhow

In spite of the freeze

I can’t use my skis

Let’s face it, there just isn’t any pow

The fact that it’s icy

Makes footing quite dicey

Highly-possible, mishap potential

So, studded tires on your bikes

Or boots with microspikes

Are desirable — perhaps, essential

Be vigilant

Tread gingerly

Avoid slips, trips and injury

Aware that winds and wet snow of December

Greatly enhanced chances

You’ll encounter downed branches

Turning a stroll into an adventure to remember

If you can, please move sticks

If not, get a good fix

On location, but, whatever the outcome

Once back from the trails

And done with travails

Please email the details

As you can probably imagine, the holiday storms brought an incredible number of branches and trees down on our trails. We are encouraging members and users to get out on the trails this winter and do a little bit of clean-up in the process. It’s most helpful if you can report where you’ve cleaned up, or where you know it needs clean-up, and particularly where you think it will need a chainsaw (With the bigger ones, it’s good to know the approximate diameter, so we bring the right saw. “Two 6-inch trees down near the west end of South Ridge Run”.) Don’t sweat the twigs that can be leaf-blown in the spring. Please email reports to

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