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Bike rider crossing a stream, accessible from the Ascutney Outdoor Center Trailhead.

Ascutney Outdoors Center Trailhead

Trails from the AOC offer riding for beginner, intermediate and advanced riders with primarily single-track terrain: switchback climbs, bridges and boardwalks, technical rock features and cruisy mountain traverses.  


From here you can easily access the ‘Streets of NYC’ and ‘Gracie’s’ hillsides.  Although virtually every trail in this network is rideable in both directions, the best uphill routes from this area are either up Lou’s Loop to Broadway (for the intermediate to advanced), or up Wind Up (for the beginner to intermediate rider).  From the top of the climb you can begin your traverse West towards Gracie’s Loop and all the fun trails on that hillside.  Drop down for some flow on Falls From Grace, Just Smile or Sluice and continue West via The Falls to the top of Mile Long Field to enjoy the views from the picnic tables and contemplate your further riding options.

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