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Mt. Ascutney is a unique mountain, as it is one of the few monadnock (stand-alone) mountains in the Northeast, and is unusually steep all the way around.  For decades hikers and trail-runners have been ascending and descending the mountain via it’s challenging trail network.  The summit offers 360 degree views of the Connecticut river valley and surrounding towns.  The Ascutney Parkway offers a paved auto road for those wanting alternate access to the top via motor vehicle, motorcycle or bicycle.

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Base to Summit Hiking Trailheads 


For description information and detailed directions to the Futures Trail, Windsor Trail, Weathersfield Trail and Brownsville Trail starting points can be found via this downloadable PDF.


Futures Trail

Address: 1826 Back Mountain Rd, Windsor, VT 05089.  

Distance to summit: 4.6 miles one way.


Windsor Trail

Address: 86 Back Mountain Rd, Windsor, VT 05089

Distance to summit: 2.7 miles one way.


Brownsville Trail

Address: 3215 Route 44, Windsor, VT 05089

Distance to summit: 3.2 miles one way.


Weathersfield Trail

Address: Cascade Falls Road, Weathersfield, VT 05151

Distance to summit: 2.9 miles one way.

Trails Around the Summit

  • Slot Trail

  • Slab Trail

  • Castle Rock Trail

  • Futures Link Trail

Ascutney cliff in the woods.
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