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2021 Terminal Night Ride

Last dance

Last chance

From here on out, it’s camo pants

Only got a few more days

Then hottest color will be “blaze”

(No rhymes for orange - That’s so strange)

We close

So those

Who hunt for deer

Get woods alone, this time of year

No fear,

No tears

Alternatives will soon appear

It’s time to clean and store your gear

Embark upon a new career

A new frontier

Spread some cheer

Spend more time with those held dear

Or sit at home and drink more beer

Yup, last TNR for a while. Ascutney Trails close to bikes from November 13th until December 13th. We’ll meet at the West Windsor Town Forest trailhead at 5:45 this Tuesday, 7/9. After a break, keep your eyes and ears open for some snowshoe jaunts this winter.

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