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This Thursday the ThNR is not happening as a group. We want you all to head over to the Celebration of the NORCROSS TRAIL!!

ATA (Ascutney Trails Association) will hold a ribbon-cutting ceremony on Thursday, July 29th at 5PM to celebrate the grand opening of the Norcross Trail to hikers and all human-powered trail recreation. Join us for this momentous occasion.

The ceremony will be held in the woods at the swoops and loop/Norcross trail junction just off of Back Mountain Road. (GPS or google map location 43.44778467667798, -72.41534349580851)

This location is about a 1 mile walk from the Ascutney State Park Campground Entrance, or about a 1/4 mile from a pull-off area on back mountain road.

So, no group ride this week, ride over on your own and join the CELEBRATION!!

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