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ATA Spring Update

Welcome to the ATA mid-Spring 2023 update - we are really excited for the coming seasons out on the trails!

Ascutney Day Hike - on Saturday, May 27th from 10am-2pm volunteers from ATA will be at the summit on the stone hut site under a tent with sandwiches and refreshments for hikers. Hike to the summit to discover the date how many people hiked to the summit on that day. Choose a trail to hike to the summit and sign your name in the ATA notebook. It’s always a good time to find the youngest and oldest hiker of the day. Hike to the summit to find out and get some ATA branded goods.

ATA Annual Member Meeting - Wednesday, Jun 7, 2023 at 6:00PM in the Windsor Welcome Center. Come join us to hear our upcoming plans for the year, meet the Board of Directors and enjoy some Pizza Chef pizza. We have two Board of Director openings to fill this year. If you are someone good with numbers, detail oriented (think treasurer) or sales/marketing knowledge/experience we’d love to have you join us. If you’re XC, trail rider, enduro, park rat, downhiller, gravelly, hiker, trail runner, XC skier, BC Skier, Downhill skier, snowshoer, man, woman, non-binary, young or old and love the outdoors you will fit right in. Please email for more information if you are interested in being a volunteer on our board of directors.

ATA has set up a volunteer task page for our ongoing volunteer opportunities. If you can’t make a trail day and want to help out check the Volunteer page on our website and select Ongoing Trail Tasks to see a list of tasks and sign up for opportunities. Feel free to email or with any questions. Also check out our event volunteer page if you’d like to help us put on Ascutney Day, trail days or the hill climb.

Previous Trail Day & Inaugural "Jump Jam" - This past Mother's Day weekend we had a trail day at the skills park to clean and repack the jump lines. Despite the dry and dusty conditions we were able to rake out rocks and pack in the berms and jumps. The next day ATA, led by Avery Mornis, held a successful Jump Jam event where riders came to throw down new tricks and perfect some others. Kids and adults alike enjoyed the stellar weather and cheered each other on while each rider traversed the skills park. Check out the photo gallery that Zach Wallace put together to capture the action of the day. Contact Zach to purchase your favorite shot.

Donate to Support ATA Trails

Did you know ATA is a registered charity on Paypal? Go to your profile and set ATA as your favorite charity.

Whenever you use paypal to purchase goods or services online you can check a box during checkout to donate $1. Every dollar helps us maintain the trails on the mountain, trail projects, hold events, pay for trail builders, and provide food for volunteers during trail days. (You can also donate from our website.)

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1 Comment

Darius Long
Darius Long
May 24, 2023

Would also like to plug Ascutney Trail Ale, now available at Butcher & Pantry! 25 cents from every draft pour will go to Ascutney Trails Association :)

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