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Fall Ain't Fell Yet

11/1/22 TNR

I’ve been dazzled these days as I’ve gone for a bike ride

A crazy kaleidoscope covered each hillside

But, wind rises, leaves fall,

We cannot forestall

This transition at all,

But some consequences leave me quite satisfied

Forest floor is afire, a blanket ablaze

Such colors will never cease to amaze

The carpeting covers the coarse corrugations

Accentuating sensuality of earth’s undulations

A scene we can savor through late autumn days

As darkness descends the moon rises

Each weave and wend brings new surprises

Where the woods were once black, I’m now taken aback

First a glimmer, a glimpse

of the moon through the limbs

Then full treetop profile

In high-contrast, stark style

An exquisitely etched pattern, as is nature’s knack

Autumn is fleeting, it goes by so fast

Its splendor is glorious, but we know it can’t last

Cycle through fall’s color wheel

Treat us - cerise, so surreal

Red, russet, rust, gold, amber

Trick us - sticks and burnt umber

Gather joy from each phase as it comes and has passed.

And gather joy from ATA’s Tuesday Night Ride through the fall fields and forests of Ascutney Trails, from the Town Forest trail head, 750 Coaching Lane at 5:45. There'll be a 5:00 warm up lap, for those who can make it. But don’t wait up for me, I'll be out of town this week. There are frights in the night, so don’t forget lights.

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