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First TNR of the Year

Updated: Jul 19, 2020

Been Waiting to Ride

The curve has been flattened

And now it is possible

For small groups to gather

And ride on their bicycles

So let’s ride this Tuesday

From the AT main trailhead

Where known are the routes

Well maintained are the trail treads

Arrive from your drive

At 5:45

Assemble in small groups

For the ride of your lives.

(Or so we will strive)

The young and the restless

Who don’t stop and rest a lot

Will meet with the A group

In the big, lower parking lot

The B’s aren’t so rivalrous

Aggressive and racy.

We’ll meet at our own place

Outside of the AOC

Distance is relative

Or so said my uncle

But doing it socially

Is a whole different wrinkle

We’re all now familiar

With life at 2 meters

Now strive for that separation

From both riders and ‘skeeters

And also consider

Behavior unacceptable:

Handshakes, sharing gear,

leaving trash in the receptacles

And at least for the present,

We can’t tailgate or hang 'round

Voicing luck, rights or plights

That astound and confound

Those important discussions

We’ll save for another day

After stowing gear and brief chats,

We all must be on our way.

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