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Gonna Rock TNR

Some Festies missed out

On Town Forest single track

‘Cause it added on 6 miles

Just going out

And coming back

But we know a way there

Without causing pain:

Hop in the buggy

Cruise out Coaching Lane

So call out your friends,

Their sisters and brothers,

Or whomever you’d like

If you had your druthers

To join the fun, Tuesday

On which we’ve been countin’:

Riding home trails with homies

On our very own mountain

5:45, at 750 Coaching Lane. (Can't wait to get there, but please drive slowly through the residential neighborhood,) No drop, all welcome.

The trails have had a week since the fest to "dry out". Keep an eye out for trail damage, or areas that continue to be wet, to report at the end of the ride. Thanks. (Some method to our madness.)

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