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Maybe TNR at WWTF

The TNR crew might be riding Ascutney,

But don’t drive from Burlington, Pomfret or Putney.

The weather has plans of its own, and it’s frightening,

Claiming clusters of cloudbursts, high winds and lightning.

Riding’s still possible, but I’m posting publicity

That it’s threatening to thrash us with bolts of ‘lectricity.

We’re wary of weather which could pose a danger

To all Tuesday riders: the members, the strangers

The youngsters, the oldies, both male and female,

So, 'bout four, check our website, Facebook or email.

West Windsor Town Forest trailhead, 750 Coaching Lane, Tuesday at 5:45. If the radar looks bad by 4:00 I will post a cancellation, but, as we learned last week, there are no guarantees that we'll know by then.

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