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Rainbow Ride

TNR 10/17/2023

Nice, drier weather

Seems to have taken hold

But last Thursday’s rain

Gave us more to behold

More than colors in the sky

(Or so I’ve been told)

At the end of that rainbow

You’ll find a pot of gold

Inspecting the pic it just struck me

The gold must be on Ascutney!

The lower northwest side,

Where this Tuesday’s event is

Think you might join TNR?

You now have more incentive

Gold might be spied

Anywhere on the ride

If you just stay aware and attentive

But lest you get too inventive

Be aware that the intent of

The effective directive

Is that nearly every cent of

Found gold shall go to the ATA Trail Fund

Don’t be stunned

Anger’s shunned

So don’t fret or get defensive

Or you’re likely to lose your small finder’s percentage

Right now the forest floor is encrusted with gold leaf, but not on the newly blown trail tread. We’ll meet at the AOC trailhead at 5:45, rolling out at 6:00 for a two hour MTB ride. Bring lights or you’ll find no gold.

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