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Ramble through the Jungle

Updated: Sep 29, 2020


It looks like rain will arrive at Jake's about the same time we do. If you feel lucky, come give it a try - it may go around us.

Running kinda late.

Sorry, made you wait

In a rush, so shush,

Yeah, shut your yap

Don’t you give me no crap!

You mess around with me, I make you ride another lap.

Come along and see,

Oh yeah, Bay-Bee!

Let me tell ya just exactly how it’s gonna be:

You’re riding Tuesday Night

You’re riding with me.

We’re gonna ride fast

For as long as that lasts.

And we’re gonna ride slow

Don’t you know.

You’re gonna ride it any way you damn well wanna go.

But, yo!


There’s one thing mo’ to know

We’re riding in the jungle

The Jungle of Joe.

Time: 5:45, Tuesday, September 29th

At Jake’s, 84 Parrish View Road

Park in drive or on Parrish View, just off Blood Hill Rd.

There are frights in the night

So better bring a light

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