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Ride Tuesday at Day's

ATA folks, let me give you the scoop

Hop in your SUV, pickup, or coupe

Come meet up at number 2 on Bishop’s Loop,

In Windsor, off 44A (that's the route)

Park in the barnyard at the home of the Days

Then, Aaron and Wendy will show us the way

On a bicycle ride this coming Tuesday

It’s gonna be fun, so don’t stay away

Last week was tough, but this ride’s duck soup

So, give chain a lube and pump up your tubes

And after we’ve split into usual groups

Head out on a ride that includes Swoops and Loops

On the way back, some may let out a whoop

While enjoying some features on Maurice’s Loop

As the rest of us, beer in hand, chill on their stoop

Come ride with us - don’t be a lame nincompoop

Same time: meet at 5:45, roll at 6:00

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