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Spencers' for 2 Tires

We’re going off-mountain,

But we’re not going far

No excuse for missing this

No matter where you are

Make it your business

Not to miss this

‘Specially if you’ve never been

Riding on these awesome trails

That were built by Stan and Lynn

That’s right, the Spencer’s trails

There’s stuff for everyone

We’ll ride them all, have a ball,

And reconvene when done

Share our tales, jokes and beer

Sitting (distanced) ‘round a fire.

With our fill of foam, we’ll head on home

Call it a day, and then retire.

We'll meet at 5:45 at 1965 Hunt Rd., Windsor (it's called Coon Club Rd. from the West Windsor side.) Drive through the gate and park at the top of the hill, heading out at 6:00.

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