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Swoopsday Ride

ATA folks, let me give you the scoop

Hop in your SUV, pickup, or coupe

Come meet up at number 12 Bishop’s Loop,

In Windsor, off 44A (that's the route)

Park in the barnyard at the home of the Days

Then, Aaron and Wendy will show us the way

On a bicycle ride this coming Tuesday

It’s gonna be fun, so don’t stay away

Last week was tough, but this ride’s duck soup

So, give chain a lube and pump up your tubes

And after we’ve split into usual groups

Head out on a ride that includes Swoops and Loops

Weathersfield Town Forest is next on the docket

Just south of Swoops, so we may as well rocket

Right-fine, down the power line, then once Cloud Spin's in our pocket,

Ride back up Rick’s Road (if your chain's on the sprocket)

On the way back, some may let out a whoop

While enjoying some features on Maurice’s Loop

As the rest of us, beer in hand, chill on their stoop

Come ride with us - don’t be a lame nincompoop

Same time: meet at 5:45, roll at 6:00

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