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Let's ride in the town forest, then just keep on riding

A gravel and singletrack route I'm devising.

The end of the path being the place I'm residing

Where we’ll swim, drink, and partake of some food I’m providing

For this Tuesday night I am hereby inviting

You to get off your duff and come out of hiding

For a point to point ride that should be exciting

5:45 is the time for arriving

By six the group will move out and start riding

At nine-ish we'll return by a truck I'll be driving

After swimming and drinking, eating and drying.

After a ride, there’s nothing better than sitting in 83° water, sipping a beverage, and telling friends about how great we just were.

Pre-ride, a few of us will drop off vehicles at my house then shuttle to the West Windsor Town Forest lot at the end of Coaching Lane, where you all will be parked and ready to roll. Before we begin our ride, stash a bag with anything you want post-ride (bathing suit, towel, dry top, fav brew?) in the shuttle that will return to 3698 Rte 44.

The direct ride is a moderate 5 miles. Add in extra loops of 1 to 3 miles with optional tech features in the Labyrinth. Then soak & sip, and burgers & salads, before shuttling back to WWTF after dark.

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