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TNR at Chris & Julie's

TNR 5/30/2023

Chris coulda laid his bike trails out straight

But, he woulda had a very short circuit

Given the lot, he had to take what he’d got

Then bend it, shape it, and work it

Coulda made it shorter and simpler, and yet he

Woulda made it less engaging, so instead he

Inserted intersections

Switched adjacent lane directions

And wound it ‘round like a mound of spaghetti

By making it wriggle and noodle

He fit the whole kit and caboodle

Though it’s strangely arranged,

I’d not deign to change it

Ride it Tuesday — it will gain your approval!

Meet at 5:45 at the home of Chris Rumrill and Julie Arnold, 111 Webster Road, Hartland VT 05048

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1 Comment

Darius Long
Darius Long
May 30, 2023

Don't forget bug spray! :)

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