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TNR at Fennway 8/11

Updated: Oct 9, 2020

Tuesday looks warm, with no warning of storms

But last week’s alarm saw a need to inform

We checked in with the weather forecaster to advise us:

He’s surprised that some wise ass has named it Isaias

A name so abstrusely obtuse to be riotous

And what’s worse is, of course this:

Nearly no one can say it.

He says, “Isaias is, as I assay, as serious as I ever see

Seesawing cirrus arrays in a series

Soaring the sinuous cumulus as it rises

On air o’er various areas of high seas

Sources say these breezes are nothing to sneeze at

It is vicious when it hits us, as it did once (just between us)

Downpours cause crises and surf crashes causeways

He sighs as he says, “It’s as easy as always

To advise us what its size is with reliance on science

Chasing after disaster with satellite guidance"

He stresses statistics are the essence of his business

Persistent resistance to tedious deviance

Arises when the wisest of these theories and theses

Is as tested as the rest is,

Lest we’re infested with the messiest excesses

of the expedient ingredients:

Mischievous disobedience, grievous malfeasance,...

I digress, I’ll confess

It’s best I arrest this

Lest I get so obsessed with

More rhyming than reason

Since the hurricane flees on

Get your shorts and your tees on

(Don’t put waders or skis on)

Bring a riding companion

To Fennway's Happy Canyon

And do your part to restart

The TNR season

Tuesday Night Ride meets at 5:45 at 460 Jewett Rd., thanks to Bob Cerra for providing parking. All are welcome to come ride the trails of Fennway and Good Living Dunne Wright.

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