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I’m as old as the hills

But I still like to bike ‘em.

Younger Me had more skills

Now, I can’t ride quite like him

Whilst I thrill from downhills

Whose features seem monstrous

It is “run-of-the-mill”

To most youngstahs amongst us

Fear of spills is buzzkill

Whether real or subconscious

I won’t zoom down the hill

So I can’t do it justice

Less braking, more chill?

To me, that’s preposterous

So, which trail will fulfill?

Ah! To each their own notion

Of what ride will instill

The sought-after emotion

The diverse mix in Brownsville

Could be the magic potion

Some trails will fill your bill

Hence the rider devotion

So get off your treadmill

Don helmet and bug lotion

What’s to lose? I say “Nil!”

As Tuesday Ride's set in motion

Meet at 5:45 at the West Windsor Town Forest parking lot end of Coaching Lane. We'll split into like-minded rider groups and head out at 6:00 for a 2 hour (+/-) ride.

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