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TNR Back to the Rock

Whether out on a ramble, a race, or a run

Scrambling through brambles, ‘cross a field in the sun

While deep in dark woods, dodging roots with no one

Or back of the pack in a push-paced peloton

Whilst bouncing off babyheads, battling boulders

Or rounding a corner, looking up, I behold her

On a hazy horizon, gazing over her shoulder

Imagined or real, a bold image takes hold here

Ascutney accosts me

She calls me

She claims me

The rock pile’s proud profile will always amaze me

Rolling her trails is again where I aim to be

This Tuesday, return to her grand, scenic greenery

Meet at AOC (449 Ski Tow Rd.), 5:45 on Tuesday 6/14. I can’t make it this week, but Aaron Day will help you form groups according to riding preferences, and choose routes to head out on at 6:00. Have fun!

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