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TNR Bike with Mike

We’re leaving Ascutney, but not far up the pike

(Bible Hill, if you will

298 Jewett will do it)

If you’re psyched, bring a bike or your trike if you’d like

You can hike, but the rest plan to bike with friend, Mike

(Or stay home and watch reruns of old Dick Van Dyke)

You enquire with “Why are we going there, Sire?”

I was hired to inspire you to reach a bit higher

Directing your tires to the trails I admire

It’s not dire or required, but at departure, or prior

Along with some water, bike, light and right attire

Pack up some vittles to grill on the fire

(After the riding, if you so desire)

Not that this liar needs to preach to the choir

But riding posts should all contain this qualifier:

Much as we try or plan, weird stuff can transpire

Through briar and mire we persevere and perspire

But we aim to have fun ’til we’re tired and retire.

Mike Andersen will host another ride around Happy Canyon and Bible Hill on trails like Fenn Way and the like. Meet at 298 Jewett Rd., Brownsville at 5:45. We’ll divide into groups and go out on a no-drop ride at 6:00. Stay after and grill, eat or drink whatever ya brung.

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