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TNR Ghost Riders

TNR 10/18/22

When it’s dark

And it’s wet

I think our best bet

Is to park


A bit before sunset

At the network

That will work

Best for this purpose

We know where to go

For dependable surface

That isn’t too soft

And won’t get us lost

And won’t get us tossed

Or rebuffed

Or take guff

For messing up wet stuff

That’s really not dry enough

I’ve considered the rest

From north, south, east, west

And when put to this test

Our trails come out best

Aren’t we blessed?

Back to the AOC Trailhead at 5:45 (with a warm-up lap at 5:00, for those who can make it.) We'll ride the (then) newly leaf-blown high school race course, and then go from there.

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