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TNR Heads to the Aqueduct

Brownsville, Pine Hill, Cady Hill

Ride all this side of Bentonville

Our quest: “What’s Best of all the Rest?”

We’ll put all bike trails to the test

No need to fuss, to fume, to fight

Let rides decide each Tuesday Night

If time were no consideration

Money, family, transportation

We’d ride them all in quick rotation


Till Lotto brings us compensation

Stick closer to our home location

Okay, Let’s get back to earth

Of close-by trails, we have no dearth

From Woodstock’s plethora, we’ve plucked

A ride for all at the Aqueduct

Are Aqueduct Trails “adequate?”


Way, way more

They get after it.

“Friendly”, “flowy”, “fun” befit

But also “drops” and “pops” and “hits”

Ride it all, or ride what fits


Done hastened chasin’, blazin’ racin’

We’ll cheer with beer or other libation

To toast our host, the WAMBA nation

For patient pacin’ and collaboration

With Ascutney Trails Association

Meet at 5:45 at the Woodstock Aqueduct garage at

2318 Cox District Rd

Woodstock, VT 05091

We ride at 6:00

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