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TNR Returns to AOC

Tuesday, we return to the AOC trailhead, but first, let’s return to a post from 3 years ago:

Sometimes I get wired,

Haggard and tired

Feel like my life is on trial

Gotta get me unwound,

Get my feet on the ground

Before I collapse in a pile

I could go for a hike

No, I’ll hop on my bike

I’ll just get away for awhile

Leave my troubles behind

Get a chance to unwind

Even if only a mile

But the climbing is tough

I huff and I puff

Are you sure that this effort’s worthwhile?

I might have to stop

‘Fore I get to the top

No wait, I’m arriving in style

I did it okay!

And I did it my way!

This sensation begins to beguile

Now I cruise through the turns

With momentum I’ve earned

And all I can do is just smile!

We’ll meet at 449 Ski Tow Road at 5:45. After dividing into compatible groups, we’ll head out on a ride that’s certain to raise a smile.

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