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TNR Returns to Ascutney

Whether out on a ramble, a race, or a run

Scrambling through brambles, ‘cross a field in the sun

While deep in dark woods, dodging roots with no one

Or back of the pack in a push-paced peloton

Whilst bouncing off babyheads, battling boulders

Or rounding a corner, looking up, I behold her

On a hazy horizon, gazing over her shoulder

Imagined or real, a bold image takes hold here

Ascutney accosts me, she calls me, she claims me

The rock pile’s proud profile will always amaze me

Rolling her trails is, again, where I aim to be

This Tuesday, return to her great scenic greenery

Right here with me

Tuesday, August 18th, meet in the parking lot of the Ascutney Outdoors Center, 449 Ski Tow Rd, Brownsville, VT 05037 at 5:45. We will form groups according to ability/preferred level of exertion. At six, we roll out for a ride of about 2 hours.

All are welcome.

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