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Like it or not,

It’s going to be hot

But one way or another,

We’ll give it a shot

This Tuesday’s forecast is a blistering 97

That ain’t what I think of as mountain biking heaven

I’m afraid I might wilt

Endo-ing up spent and spillt

77Vh7 W!£ on the ground

( Which is me umop-ap!sdn )

So let’s mix pedaling

With dog paddling

It could be a new sport!

Keep the ride sweet and short

Grab a cold one of some sort

And cool

In the pool

At Lyall Summer Resort

Meet at Jim & Carol Lyall’s house, 3698 Route 44, Brownsville at 5:45.  At 6:00 we head out in “A” and “B” groups to ride the Labyrinth (including the Bent Tree Loop).  With high temperatures expected, we’ll keep the ride short, so we can swim. (A swim suit is suggested.) We’ll have dogs on the grill, so also bring some munchies.

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