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To Stay Away (Not Ride)


Tuesday is seven - eleven

That must be a lucky day!

But just one look at the heavens

My head shakes,

“No way!”

One month’s precipitation,

Fallin’ all in just two days

May be great for the greenery

But all our trails would say,

“C’mon, don’t be mean to me

Bikers, please


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1 comentario

Bill Fracalossi
Bill Fracalossi
10 jul 2023

I rode Swoops and Loops Saturday back towards Norcross and it had a big mud puddle just as you come down from the Park going west.... careful out there. Rode Rick's Road to Cloudspin yesterday, (Rick's is awesome BTW) and the downhill from the pole line to Cloudspin also had some mud puddles hidden by long grass. be careful! Ticks are super active of course

Me gusta
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