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Tuesday Norcross Ride

It was fun to see the area overrun

With bikers, to ride Vermont Overland

The route is one we have never done

Ride part this Tuesday? No, we've other plans

Gravel riding can often be awesome fun

But trails are the haunt of our noble band

To most of us, mountain biking’s number one

And Ascutney Trails, sort of our motherland.

Norcross is one trail we haven’t done

A mountain bike version of “overland”

We can’t ride it all before setting sun

But this man has a plan that I understand

Lets us ride the best parts, so let’s go for fun!

We’re so lucky to live in this wonderland!

At 5:45, meet at Aaron and Wendy’s, 12 Bishop’s Loop, Windsor (just off Back Mountain Road.) We’ll ride the Norcross Trail to Midway Bridge (as seen, above), then turn around and cruise on back. It’s mostly intermediate-level riding, so we should be able to make it in the light. (Bring a lamp if you want to venture further, or just for security.)

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