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Tuesday Ride at Town Forest

Updated: Oct 9, 2020

Chris Dolan asks:

Who has more fun?

The A-Group superstars who ride fast, go far, with their clipless, fitness expeditious?

Flowing like hot lava, results straight to Strava

Cover so much ground they might find the escaped llama

Steam Donkey to Nirvana barely breaking a sweat


Slingshot into parking lot not even tired yet


According to my soliloquy, ‘tis nobler to be a sloth enjoying the C Group scenery,

The greenery, far away from the anesthetizing screenery

Opportunity for commentary, progress like maple syrup in January

No chance of falling from grace (we don’t go near that place)

Group rests legendary because the struggle is pulmonary

All smiles, low miles toward the fading of the day

Moving slowly through the gloaming on low gears rolling Home Again

Focused on a much-anticipated IPA

Join us this Tuesday, 5:45 at the Town Forest Trailhead, 750 Coaching Lane. We'll group according to ability/desired intensity, then A's, B's, and C's (see above) will head out at six, planning to get back before dark.

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