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Tuesday Ride at WW Town Forest

This morn I awoke

And the first words I spoke

Were “Hey! What a beautiful day!”

Now, life is no joke.

I feel nearly broke,

But today, I’m gonna get away!

So I hop on my bicycle

Knowing that soon I will

Be able to turn down my brain

Not to be cynical

Or technically clinical

But, it keeps me from going insane.

Just to ride through the trees

Hear the brook, feel the breeze

Smell the leaves

Watch them dance in the air

Rocks and dirt 'neath my wheel

It's so solid and real

I feel fully alive and aware

Trail rhythm is sensual

Muscles warmed up and flexible

Bike and rider, one well-oiled machine

Scenery incredible

A vision indelible

And my cares are nowhere to be seen

Come ride your cares away this Tuesday at the West Windsor Town Forest trailhead, meeting at 5:45, riding at 6:00. Lights are advisable, but there will be plenty of options to bail out if it gets too dark for you.

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