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Winter Recreation for Everyone

Did you know that a private landowner is grooming an XC network of trails that are accessible via the Mountainside Trailhead and the West Windsor Town Forest Trailhead?

Please respect the trails by following a few simple guidelines.

Be an ambassador for your sport!

Just like during mud season, trails need to be ready to ride or they can be easily damaged. If you leave a rut that is deeper than 1 inch, please do not ride. If you are unable to stay on the trail, please do not ride. Please do not drift, skid, or ride skinny tires on groomed fat bike trails, this damages the trail for other fat bike riders and skiers.

  • Allow time for trails to set up after grooming

  • Don’t ride if the temp is 30F or above

  • As a general rule, if you have to get off and push your bike, the snow is too soft

  • For all activities please remember to bring and utilize appropriate equipment and dress for the current conditions. Boots with microspikes are not recommended on XC groomed trails; snowshoes are a better option.

  • If you plan to hike/skin to earn your turns, please keep in mind a few basic trail etiquette rules to keep it enjoyable for all:

  • Please stay in the existing skin track as you make your way up the hill.

  • If you are hiking up, please wear snowshoes (to avoid post holing) and make your way up adjacent to the skin track.

  • Stick to the side of the trail and avoid traveling up the middle of the ungroomed and groomed trails, let's keep the corduroy laid by the Ascutney Outdoors grooming team in nice condition.

  • If you bring your furry friend, please scoop their poop. All pets must be leashed when in the vicinity of lift served slopes.

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