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Hit the Trails

It’s the very first Tuesday Night trail Ride

Of Twenty Twenty-Four.

And we’re going to the very same place

That we always went before.

South of downtown Browntown

Past the Butcher and Pantry store

At the mountain biking trailhead

By the center of Ascutney Oudoors

But with clouds appearing in the forecast,

Watch out for a nasty, rainy pour

You’d better (I fear)

Check back here

About twenty after four

But if we have to call it,

I want you to be assured

It’s not the worst

It’s just the very first

Trail ride of 2024

It’s not like we are thinking

That we won’t do it anymore

I need to say that

I know for a fact

There’s meant to be plenty more,

In Twenty Twenty-Four!

Meet 5:45 on Tuesday, April 30th at Ascutney Outdoors Center 149 Ski Tow Road, Brownsville, VT. We'll divide into groups of similar ability/ambition and head out at 6:00 for a no-drop ride of about 2 hours on the mountain biking Ascutney Trails.

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