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Lou's Way, Tuesday

As Lou said, 20 years ago:

Come one come all, the time is here

For the Tuesday ride we all revere

5:45 meet at Skunk Hollow, don’t be late

at 6:00 we're out of the gate

The same old  inaugural ride

mostly dirt roads, an easy glide

So my friends don't be late

Ill see you then, I can hardly wait

Get the rust out of your legs with the traditional opening Tuesday Night Ride.  8 miles gravel, 4 pavement - nothing too difficult, and no one minds waiting for you to catch up at the frequent stops. Some will be on MTBs, some on gravel. So come on out and join us Tuesday, April 23rd at 5:45 at the Skunk Hollow Tavern, near where Hartland/Brownsville Rd. meets VT12 in Hartland 4-Corners

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