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Newsday Right Tide?


Where’s everyone gone?

In the woods? On the lawn?

Are they riding, or are they in hiding?

Was I out of the loop?

Missed the memo? Lost the password?

‘Cuz, I seem to have most things back assward

No need to be wide-eyed to see Ray hide on Hay Ride

But could have easily missed Lyall on Last Mile

Last I heard, Lacie’s group

Lost Lucy’s grapes on Gracie’s Loop

Was her twin sister on Pine Twister?

Must have missed her

At Town Forest Parking Lot,

I found tourists larking pot

But Lyall, fond of meals,

Could have cruised Mile Long Field

To the Sewards, who are having a barbecue

For the TNR crew

(That includes me and you)

Bet they’re all there, now, drinking their brew

Once we’ve rested the legs

Slaked our thirst

Filled the belly,

Let’s lift glasses

Give much thanks

To our hosts, Glenn and Shelley

We are riding from the Mile-Long Field parking lot at 102 Mountainside Drive, West Windsor, VT.  Overflow parking on the small field next to the lot. Meet at 5:45, form groups and ride at 6:00. We’ll tour the trails in the neighborhood - some of them backwards and forwards, for about 2 hours. Then, Glenn and Shelley Seward have invited us to a post-ride BBQ at their sugar house - just south of the parking.

If you really like the trails, there are properties on the market. You could gain a home on Home Again. Has anyone found Lucy's grapes?

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