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Take a Ride on the Dry Side

Tuesday Night Ride, 8/1/2023

You think it's wet?

It is. You bet!

But just to jog your mind,

2006 the trails were slick,

Good riding hard to find.

My first TNR call!

Went out to all

'Bout trails that aren't too muddy

Or lined with slime, so hard to climb,

You'd slip and come home bloody:

"For forty days and forty nights...

(It seems, but not quite yet.)

The trails are troughs, the passage mud

And everything is wet.

The jungly course grows thick with gorse,

Vines, sedge and hyacinth,

So ride with me, where paths drain free

In Lyall's Labyrinth.

These hurdles cleaned, White Rocks and Green

We'll conquer all and then.

If that's too terse, our course reversed,

We'll ride it back again.

If rocks and roots and narrow chutes

Are not your cup of tea,

Still come along (there'll be a throng)

And ride with Bike Group B.

Three six nine eight Route 44

3 miles from Brownsville store.

At Lyalls' house 5:45

Come six we'll leave the door.

Once riding's done, and back we've come,

With tales of derring-do,

Regale us deaf at Pizza Chef

And fill our mugs with brew."

That was then

Now once again,

Avoid the fen,

Quagmire, marsh, and wetland.

Retrace these trails, that someone hails

"The best this side of Hartland."

Now pizza's nice, with cheese and spice,

But let's just stay at Jim's.

He has beer to swill and meat to grill

But, bring a suit, if you want to swim.

The trails have changed a bit in the intervening 17 years, but they still stay amazingly dry. And we still meet up at 5:45 at 3698 Route 44, Brownsville. We'll have some drinks and eats, but feel free to add to the offerings. Don't forget your suit!

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