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Things, They are a-Changing

Colors have been poppin’

Leaves have been droppin’

Seasons are a-changin’

But there ain’t no stoppin’

And there’s no stoppin’ us

As long as we adjust

Rigidity’s liability,

Adaptability, a must

You can trust

With every gust

Rusty leaves are on the breeze

And every single night

It’s getting darker by degrees

Amusing sights, these Tuesday nights

Is the weaving of our lights

The bouncing beacons beckon as they dance among the trees

And everybody’s seen, by the means by which they see

Are ya gonna freeze?

Are ya gonna fold?

Whatcha gonna do when the weather gets cold?

Don’t fret yet and unfurl your fur

Best to dress for function, not couture

So, the Tuesday night sight

Of men in tights

Need not be cause for fright

It’s rightly de rigueur

You know it’s strange

The weather change

Tends to frighten and derange

It’s met with fear and loathing

But truth be told,

To banish cold

Climate need not be controlled

We just need proper clothing

Another adjustment we have made is an optional 5:00 start for those who can make it and want more riding in the daylight. We’ll do a warm-up loop and return to meet up with the main group, arriving at the West Windsor Town Forest parking lot (750 Coaching lane) at 5:45, reassemble, and head out by 6:00.

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